Ndadi Law Firm is a young and energetic law firm driven by the leadership of Uyapo Ndadi who has been a practicing attorney for over 10 years. The Firm has provided legal solutions in business and general litigation work, handling sometimes complex and engaging matters to banks and other financing bodies, unions, NGOs and various companies and individuals from all walks of life. For almost 6 years, it has been engaged by various local financial institutions to do Conveyancing for their clients. Our Attorneys have a wealth of diverse experience which they use to complement each other.


Ndadi Law Firm operates under three business values;

• Integrity: we remain highly ethical in the manner in which we conduct all business dealings irrespective of size or persons involved.

• Service Excellence: we are committed to providing legal solutions to our clients in an excellent manner with the aim to exceed clients’ expectations.

• Client Centric: we take our clients’ best interests at heart